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It's never too early to teach your child to speak!

Learn to make tiny changes to your every day routines that will make sure your child says their first words on time
(or EARLY!)

  • Understand

    Get out of the Google loop-hole and stop worrying by understanding exactly how your child is developing.

  • Build Routines

    Find realistic ways to incorporate speech and language into every day routines so that you don't waste a minute of time

  • Feel Confident

    Know exactly which toys to use and how to structure your routines so that your child gets talking FAST!

You have enough to worry about!

Your child shouldn't be one of them. You won't have to compare...

  • When you go to the park and all the other kids are talking

  • When your friends and family ask you when your child will start talking

  • When your pediatrician asks if your child is meeting his milestones

  • When you're too tired to play and you're worried if this will affect your child's development

Parenting is a full-time job.

Lately, it's been even more demanding.

You're running out of energy to plan activities to stimulate development and wondering if your child is going to be okay when this is all over.

Let's make play fun again!

Let's make sure your child is ready to communicate when it's time to see friends and family again!

You don't have to wait.

Getting an early start is key.

Babies have over 100 billion neurons at birth!

Let's take advantage of this critical part of development by building a solid foundation.

Because of COVID, speech evaluations have been delayed.

You can't afford to wait. Get the individualized support you need to build your child's skills at home.

You don't have to do this alone.

In the Tiny Talker Toolkit Program, we have short weekly meetings where you will learn a key language learning strategy that you can immediately begin implementing with your child!

We have a private messaging system for personal check-ins with Jocelyn, a bilingual speech-language pathologist, or to share successes or difficulties with the group.

Throughout our time together, you'll also be able to share videos to get feedback from Jocelyn.

In the Tiny Talker Toolkit Program

you will get access to a Licensed SLP, the resources you need to help your child grow, and a supportive community of parents

  • 6 Weeks of Group Coaching with a Licensed Speech Language Pathologist

  • Access to a private messaging system to check in with Jocelyn, or other parents in the group and share weekly wins or difficulties

  • An activity guide to help you get started

  • A developmental milestone tracker to help you keep track of your child's progress

  • A daily routine builder to make sure you continue making speech a fun part of every day

  • A first word checklist to watch your child grow

Jocelyn M. Wood, MA, CCC-SLP

is a bilingual speech language pathologist who has been providing in-person therapy and parent/caregiver coaching for over a decade. Using her child-led approach, Jocelyn is able to get kids talking and keep them ahead of the curve. Her work has been featured in The Bump, Romper, and First Time Parent Magazine.


  • Should I work with a speech language pathologist?

    You can definitely work with a trained SLP for in-person sessions, but the cost of these sessions range in price from $85-150 for a 30 minute session. Using a group format, you can learn many of the skills and strategies you would learn during 1:1 sessions. If you see that your child is not benefiting from the group sessions, please contact a local speech language pathologist.

  • I already speak to my child. Is this program for me?

    Yes! It is great that you are speaking to your child and exposing him to so much language. This program provides you with specific strategies that you can use to propel your child forward now and in the future.

  • My baby is only 3 months old, so he isn’t speaking yet. Should I still take this course?

    Yes! Language development begins in-utero. By learning these skills before your child has his first words, you are setting him up for immediate success.

Start Building Your Child's Language Today

An early start will build the healthy brain that will help your child's language thrive now and in the future!

Join the Tiny Talker Toolkit Now for only $397

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When you buy The Tiny Talker Toolkit

you will get access to a professional speech language pathologist, resources, and community for only $397!

  • 6 Weeks of Live Instruction

    Each week, you will learn a new language building technique and routine to use with your child. Typically, my 1:1 therapy sessions are $150 for 30 minutes (Valued at $900!)

  • Access to A Private Chat Group

    Each week, you will also have access to a group chat (and private messaging with Jocelyn) to share your weekly wins and defeats and to make sure you have all the tools necessary to build language routines for your child (Valued at $900!)

  • Bonus Material

    Not only will you receive access to the live videos and recordings for the entire 6 weeks of the program, you will also receive bonus content that includes videos on bilingual development, red flags, and worksheets to accompany each lesson. (Valued at $200!)

Total Value: $2000!
Your Price: $397

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